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Succulents Grown in the USA  Sedum micranthum album
Sedum Marsha
Your Price: $5.95

A low growing, jelly bean leafed sedum, not edible.  Good for the edges of a succulent garden,  Turns rich red in full sun,  good ground cover, Fast grower
Succulents grown in the USA Sedum Craigii
Sedum Craigii
Your Price: $5.95

Sedum Craigii is the perfect plant for your rock garden.  The powder pastel leaf to the more deep pink stem add a interesting and unusual touch the outside rock garden. Drought resistant and low maintenance.
Succulents Grown in the USA  Sedum pachyclados
Sedum pachyclados
Your Price: $5.95

A blue green sedum that is a low grower and works well on the edge of a container garden,  Hardy to zone 3, Tight scalloped leaf margins
Succulents Grown in the USA  Sedum treleasei
Sedum treleasei
Your Price: $5.95

A large leafed sedum, with great chartreusse green color. Full, mounding plant with trailing habit.
Succulents Grown in the USA  Sedum brevifolium
Sedum brevifolium
Your Price: $6.45

A small jelly bean shaped leaf (not edible) on a ground cover Sedum,  A fast grower
Succulents grown in the USA Senecio Radicans Glauca
Senecio Radicans Glauca Blue Pickle Vine
Your Price: $6.45

This flourish green Senecio tolerates bright light and moderate heat to make it a excellent houseplant for your dish garden needs,
Succulents Grown in the USA  Paraguaensis Mini Silver
Paraguaensis Mini Silver
Your Price: $6.45

Paraguaensis Mini Silver a open cluster of silvery green leaves that have a light hue to them and perfect carved edges that come to a peak.
Succulents Grown in the USA  Sedum nussbaumerianum
Sedum nussbaumerianum
Your Price: $6.45

A larger Sedum with very glossy golden green leaves.  Branches readily, Nice color and texture, brown stems
Succulents Grown in the USA  Sedum morganianum burros tail
Sedum morganianum burros tail
Your Price: $6.45

Burros Tail--Blue green foliage that will trail over the edge of a pot or basket, strong vigorous grower.
Succulents grown in USA Sedum Hernandezii
Sedum Hernandezii
Your Price: $6.45

Sedum Hernandezii features a thick fleshy round angle leaf with a spectacular varigation of green to rose colored leaves.
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