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Light Requirements
Last Updated: 02/25/2010
Most succulents require as much light as possible. Please note the following light requirements based on your Succulents location:

For succulents being grown indoors:

In the winter maximum light exposure is necessary.  A succulent will perform best in a window with a direct Southern exposure or when in a sun room.
In the summer, high to medium-high light is required.  A succulent will perform best in a bright sunny window with a preference for South or West exposure. 

Succulents grown with inadequate light exposure will generally stretch toward the light becoming lanky or lopsided.

For succulents being grown outdoors:

As low-water plants most succulents prefer all the light they can get!  Planting your succulents in containers (pots) or in the ground on the South or West side of your property is best. 

Exceptions to this light loving rule are succulents with a large amount of varigation, ie a large proportion of the plant is yellow-green or white instead of green.  These plants have less chlorphyll than their green counterparts and are prone to sunburn. Pale plants, much like pale people, like sun in moderation preferring to be in part sun/dappled shade during the hottest part of the day.

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