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Containers and Pots
Pots and planting containers: When choosing a pot or container for planting with your succulents, we recommend the following general guidelines: A good container has one or more holes in the bottom f
Decorating with succulents
when using succulents to make deorative objects like succulent wreaths, succulent murals, etc.....
Fertilizer: Succulents are living, growing plants and do require fertilizer to grow and thrive. We would recommend feeding at a reduced dose level. Succulents grown in containers will require fertili
Light Requirements
Most succulents require as much light as possible. Please note the following light requirements based on your Succulents location: For succulents being grown indoors: In the winter maximum light expos
Pruning and "Dead Heading"
Pruning & Dead Heading: Flower spikes on succulents can be quite beautiful. Many succulents put on flowers You may wish to remove them to maintain the shape and look of your planter or flowerbed
Soil Types
Soil Types: Succulents are very tough plants. They will tolerate very poor soils but if you want them to grow and thrive, a good quality potting soil is a good investment for your succulent garden. A
Water requirements :   Succulents are very drought tolerant plants and can survive very dry conditions.   If you want your succulent garden to truly thrive it will require consistent wa
Winter Shipping
Winter Shipping: JadePoint Succulents does not ship succulents or other live plant material during the winter month s in the Northernmost portions of the United States. Because we ship all of our hig
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